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Welcome to the AUM of Life - Analogous Ultimate Methodology

In our individual and collective search for meaning, purpose and answers, what if we’ve overlooked a single, universal, ubiquitous and unequivocal Truth staring us all in the face all this time?  

Not just meaning…a method.  And not just  any method; the Analogous Ultimate Methodology which lies at the very heart of all phenomena


The Path to Self-Evident Experiential Knowing


Gno*U Systems will offer online training & support programs including practical tools, techniques & solutions based on the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM) to individuals, organizations, professionals... ANYONE SEEKing a path to answering all life's questions.  

The Ultimate Methodology & Technology to #CopeBetter w/Life

YouMethod is a Personal Infomatics Application grounded in the Ultimate Methodology to Self-Knowledge, Personal Growth & Self-Healing.  Free beta available online now.  MOBILE APP development pending.  See our Patreon page for funding needs. - Sharing Conscious Self-Realization in Progress


Attlas in Formation offers inspired &  insightful content in the form of essays, infographics, memes, meditations, and videos related  to the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM) & The Attlas Project via our Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page & Instagram.

Genesis EcoFund & EDU for Advanced Human Habitat

Genesis EcoFund for Advanced Human Habitat

Genesis EcoFund for Advanced Human Habitat  has a mandate to educate the public on the benefits of indoor ecosystems.  Ecosystems, like all phenomena, operate on the AUM of life; living in the dynamically balancing harmonics of a high-order rain forest  ecosystem  balances our inner AUM of life.  Growing food in such an ecosystem will be of the highest energetic potential.

BEST Solution to Affordable, Sustainable & Secure Housing


Imagine a modular rent-controlled housing complex containing a shared pyramidal indoor ecosystem with an isolation/meditation room at its heart, that is flood, fire, tornado and earthquake-proof and is capable of growing food indoors.  PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology awaits modest funding to begin work immediately on a working prototype.  

To Show what most cannot SEE & do not SEEK, the Show Must Go On


Attlas Arts collaborates with like-minded visionaries to create Spiritually Enlightening Entertainment.  With many works already on paper, all it would take is to reach a modest funding goal to free said visionary artists from their current ball and chain so they can get to work in earnest on their life's work.  

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There are many ways to join us and support our mission.  Ask us about collaboration, partnerships, speaking engagements, fundraising events, and all the ways to get TAP working for you, your friends, loved ones & community.